NYC migrants get heated as their vehicles are towed from disputed shelter

Asylum-seekers in New York City became heated Friday when they saw at least five vehicles they were using towed outside a disputed tent shelter in Brooklyn.

The unregistered vehicles were removed from the area surrounding the migrant camp at Floyd Bennett Field, according to a report.

Democratic Assemblywoman Jaime Williams captured the removal of the vehicles on video and shared the footage on Facebook.

The footage shows the vehicles without license plates being towed away, and at one point, individuals appear to attempt to retrieve documents from one of the vehicles.

“So, free shelter, free clothing, free food, and you drive,” Williams can be heard saying. “And I have homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage, tenants struggling to pay their rents.”

Later in the footage, tensions seem to rise between the migrants and the officials towing the vehicles.

“Oh, look, look, they want to fight. Look, they want
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