NRA denies corruption and distances itself from longtime leader Wayne LaPierre

The National Rifle Association distanced itself on Tuesday from longtime CEO Wayne LaPierre and two other senior executives on trial for corruption and fraud in New York City

NRA attorney Sarah Rogers told jurors that while some higher-ups at the nonprofit organization may have betrayed the NRA’s central mission, the organization itself should not be faulted. 

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. AP Photo

“Why is the NRA — a victim of that betrayal — a defendant in this case?” Rogers asked during opening arguments, adding that the majority of the employees at the NRA have worked tirelessly to promote its causes. 

LaPierre may have been the face of the NRA as well as a valuable visionary for the organization for the past 30 years, but he wasn’t without his faults, Rogers said, adding that the 74-year-old hid benefits and financial goods he
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