Indians boycott Maldives after Modi slammed as ‘puppet of Israel’ by island officials

Indian tourists have started to boycott the paradise island nation of the Maldives following disparaging remarks made by officials slamming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being a “clown” and a “puppet of Israel.”

The disparaging remarks, which prompted the #BoycottMaldives campaign, came after Modi was pictured lounging in a chair on a secluded white-sand beach in Lakshadweep, a mini-Maldives-like Indian territory 150 miles from the mainland and about 100 miles north of the Maldives. 

Modi’s comments on the beach — he called a morning walk “moments of pure bliss” — sounded like a threat to the people of the Maldives, with its half-million residents feeling disrespected and pushed around by India. 

“What a clown,” Mariyam Shiuna, a deputy minister in the Maldives’s government, wrote on social media. The post was later deleted. She also accused Modi of being a
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