‘Tune in’: Aaron Rodgers says he’ll address the Kimmel feud very soon

New York Jets player Aaron Rodgers has revealed when he will address his feud with late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, telling people to “tune in” soon.

The football star’s feud with Kimmel started after he joked prior to the release of the Jeffrey Epstein associates list that the late-night host’s name would be included, noting that Kimmel was hoping the list would not be released. When asked when he would address the drama created by the joke, Rodgers kept details to a minimum and said he would discuss it on Tuesday on The Pat McAfee Show, the same show he made the joke on.

“Yeah, I’m going to talk about it tomorrow on the show,” Rodgers said Monday. “Tune in.”

Aaron Rodgers on his Jimmy Kimmel comments that blew up last week on @PatMcAfeeShow: "I'm going to talk about it tomorrow on the show. Tune
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