The US can’t defend Taiwan without Taiwan

Communist China plans to invade Taiwan, potentially sparking a devastating Sino-American war. But successfully repelling a Chinese invasion requires more than just U.S. involvement. Taiwan itself is key to defending its own sovereignty. And a successful defense of Taiwan will necessitate Taipei making changes — and fast.

Xi Jinping is preparing China for war. In his annual New Year’s Eve address, the CCP head once again vowed to seize Taiwan, warning that “the motherland will surely be reunited.” China’s actions match Xi’s rhetoric.

In 2023, the Chinese government announced a 7.2% increase in China’s defense budget, which had already doubled over the last decade. Matt Pottinger, a former U.S. deputy national security adviser, and John Pomfret, a longtime China-watcher and distinguished journalist, have pointed out that China is working to reduce its dependency on foreign grain imports, enacting new military readiness laws, and building
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