OpenAI disputes New York Times suit, claims it ‘manipulated’ case evidence

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, said that the New York Times lawsuit over the company’s use of its content and data will not hold up in court and that the newspaper manipulated the chatbot to create incriminating evidence.

The company released a blog post on Monday detailing its arguments against the New York Times‘s lawsuit in December, which the newspaper filed in an attempt to hold the artificial intelligence developer accountable for content it included in the training data used to power ChatGPT. While the New York Times lawsuit is not the first to allege copyright infringement, it is the case with the clearest evidence to date. It is presented by many copyright lawyers as the best chance to set some rules for the technology.

OpenAI noted that it has met with several news outlets to discuss how ChatGPT can “support a healthy news ecosystem, be
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