Mehdi Hasan out at MSNBC after show cancellation

British American news personality Mehdi Hasan announced Sunday his plans to leave MSNBC following the cancellation of his program The Mehdi Hasan Show.

“It’s been an absolute blast doing this live show on MSNBC for the past three years with an amazing team of producers behind me and with all of you watching at home,” Hasan said. “It’s been a privilege. It’s been a pleasure.”

“As we begin 2024 with an election coming, a war still ongoing, and too many Trump trials to honestly keep track of, and with this show going away, I’ve decided it’s time for me to look for a new challenge. Tonight is not just my final episode of The Mehdi Hasan Show, it’s my last day with MSNBC. … Yes, I’ve decided to leave.”

Some personal news: I've decided to leave MSBNC.

New year, new plans, new

— Mehdi Hasan
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