Ted Cruz rips Stanford for ‘trying to train antifa’ after students heckle conservative judge

Sen. Ted Cruz accused Stanford Law School of training “left-wing radicals” and “antifa” after a student mob shouted down a conservative federal judge.
The Texas Republican noted that Stanford associate dean of diversity Tirien Steinbach lectured U.S. District Court Judge Kyle Duncan during the Thursday event, telling him that the raucous crowd of jeering law students would “go out into the world and be advocates.”
“Notice she didn’t say ‘attorneys,’” Mr. Cruz said Monday on his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz.”
“This is Stanford Law School. They are trying to train social-justice warriors. They’re trying to train Occupy Wall Street, burn-it-all-down, left-wing radicals. They’re trying to train antifa,” he said. “They’re not trying to train lawyers. Attorneys present arguments in front of judges.”
Mr. Cruz, a graduate of Harvard Law School, added that “I have never seen a federal judge on the left or right treated like that, ever.”
Stanford officials apologized Saturday
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