Disinformation Inc: Watchdogs blast State Department for funding group blacklisting conservative media

This is part four of a Washington Examiner investigative series about self-styled ‘disinformation’ tracking groups that are cracking down on conservative media and part of a lucrative operation that aims to defund disfavored speech. Read parts one
, two and three

EXCLUSIVE — Watchdog groups have raised concerns over the State Department bankrolling a “disinformation” tracking group that is secretly blacklisting and trying to defund conservative media outlets.

The Washington Examiner revealed on Thursday that the Global Disinformation Index, a British organization with two affiliated U.S. nonprofit groups, is hauling in cash with the intent of defunding and shutting down disfavored speech. Now, several watchdogs are calling out the State Department for funding this group
, which is feeding its blacklist to major ad companies.

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