Elden Ring scholar pits 50 bad dogs against the game’s roster of bosses

Elden Ring is a massive game full of enigmatic and compelling bosses, each with their own tragic narrative or misguided motives. But what if you took these characters and pitted them against the Elden Ring equivalent of 30-50 feral hogs? This is the kind of question that scholars and intellectuals have been asking, and VG247 spotted a player brave enough to put it to the test.

BjornTheBear is a YouTuber who loves to put Elden Ring’s bosses up to tests, with videos like “Can ANY Boss Survive Malenia’s Shadow Clone Army?”, “Can ANY Boss Survive Two Radahn Meteors?” and “How Many Runebears Do you Need to Defeat Malenia?” For this video, Bjorn took 50
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