Trigun Stampede’s Vash is a top contender for anime’s hottest boi in 2023

Vash the Stampede, the quick-witted gunslinger and hero of the classic anime and manga Trigun, is a man of many outfits. Although he has maintained his core look over the years — a red coat, blond hair, hoop earring, prosthetic arm, and mole under his eye — the hero has undergone several transformations. Tokuma Shoten first published the manga in 1995, and the series has since gone on to receive anime adaptations in 1998 and 2010. Now, he’s back and cuter than ever in studio Orange’s reinvention of the classic sci-fi Western, Trigun Stampede. The new Vash brings fresh life to a decades-old character, as he returns to us vivacious as ever and ready
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