Pssst: It’s not just Twitter and the FBI

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald
delivered a memorable and hard-hitting speech at the University of Utah in April 2015 titled “Edward Snowden and the Secrets of the National Security State.” His remarks focused on the National Security Agency’s collection of ordinary law-abiding U.S. citizens’ communications. He emphasized that, even then, nearly eight years ago, people had ceded too much of their independence to unaccountable bureaucrats without even realizing it. If that trend continued, he argued, America would soon be closer to a totalitarian state than a democracy.

He was right.

Two years earlier, during his work on the Snowden story, Greenwald had been privy to a vast quantity of classified government material (courtesy of Snowden). He had reported on the Bush administration’s warrantless surveillance program, initiated following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, “collectively known by the NSA codename
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