Dying bipartisanship? More states controlled by one party after midterm elections

A trend of increasing governing trifectas may point to a decrease in bipartisanship across the country at the state level.

Close to 40 states have one party commanding a governing trifecta after the 2022 midterm elections, the most since 1947, per the Washington Post. After New Hampshire Republicans emerged with a majority in the state House of Representatives, New Hampshire became the 39th state to hold a governing trifecta, wherein the governor’s mansion and both legislative chambers are held by the same party.

Democrats hold 17 state trifectas, and Republicans hold 22. This year, the Democrats flipped legislative chambers in Minnesota and Michigan and governorships in Massachusetts and Maryland to create four trifectas. The GOP flipped Nevada’s governorship, ending the Democratic trifecta.

This election cycle, Democrats made history in several gubernatorial contests. In Massachusetts, Gov.-elect Maura Healey became the first woman to be elected governor in the
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