How electric vehicles make America more dependent on China

The U.S. is currently heading for a major national security train wreck.

Bewildering environmental policies, energy plans detached from reality, and an incomprehensible practice of trusting China to provide critical components for both civilian and military technologies is an unsustainable trajectory.

The administration has rejected fossil fuels, driving us commercially and across the defense industry toward electric vehicles. The problem is, China has a near-monopoly on the mining and refinement of rare earth minerals (such as lithium and cobalt) that are used in EV batteries. China also monopolizes the production of those same batteries.

In short, America is being forced to tie its future to EVs while having no capability to provide key elements of the system. Adding to the dilemma is that China is “allowed” to do all the “yucky stuff” we won’t do, or don’t want to do. The rub here is that China is not
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