Resident Evil Village had to shrink Lady D for her playable debut, says director

When Resident Evil Village’s Winters’ Expansion launches on Oct. 28, survival horror fans will have a chance to revisit the creepy Eastern European hamlet to experience a coda to Ethan Winters’ story as his daughter Rose. Capcom also plans to release a major update to Village’s replayable The Mercenaries mode, giving players control of baddies like Lady Alcina Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg, as well as veteran Resident Evil hero Chris Redfield. That’s much more variety than the current version of The Mercenaries has, which lets players battle the village’s hordes as ol’ whatshisface Ethan.

Polygon recently spoke with Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion game director Kento Kinoshita, who answered some of our most
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