Liberal groups plan mass protests for abortion rights across all 50 states

Liberal groups are planning massive demonstrations in support of abortion rights this weekend, making plans for more than 400 rallies across all 50 states to mobilize their networks for next month’s midterm elections.
The Women’s Wave initiative is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people, according to protest organizers, which include the Women’s March and partner groups such as the American Federation of Teachers and Ultraviolet, among others.
Women’s March Executive Director Rachel Carmona said women and activists are fired up to elect candidates in November who will fight proposals to restrict abortions.
“We are down to the 11th hour,” Ms. Carmona said in a statement. “We must work together to take back our power and ensure women have fundamental rights to their bodily autonomy, for the sake of all Americans and future generations to come. That means turning out en masse on [Saturday] and showing Republicans and the GOP
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