Moonbreaker blends Warhammer love with Brandon Sanderson lore and an audio drama

The new game from the developers behind Subnautica is not a lone, pelagic pilgrimage through the hostile waters of an alien planet, but a strategy game designed to integrate Warhammer-esque miniatures into a world penned by Mistborn author Brandon Sanderson.

Moonbreaker, available now in early access on Mac and Windows PC via Steam, is therefore something of a surprising pivot from Unknown Worlds.

“My pitch was always like, we’re making a digital miniatures game, full stop,” Unknown Worlds co-founder Charlie Cleveland told me during an interview for Moonbreaker at Gamescom 2022. “Think about it: Painting? Yes. Digital miniatures lore? Yes. Turn-based strategy? Yes. Sharing paint jobs… It just seems so obvious. But it’s not
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