Migrant busing campaign exposes extreme rift over America’s borders

There may be no other issue on which the red-blue divide runs as deep as immigration right now, and you have to look no further than the spat between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to see it play out in real-time.

Mr. Abbott is running for re-election in November on a get-tough immigration platform, battling the Biden border surge with state police, his own border wall and a busing campaign that’s sending illegal immigrants to Democrat-led cities of Washington, New York and Chicago.

Ms. Lightfoot, who faces voters in February, has responded by blasting the GOP governor as un-Christian and “racist,” but said she would happily take the new arrivals he was sending her.

She’s even used the fight to raise money for her campaign.

“This is a critical moment for our city,” she said in an email to supporters asking for donations to her campaign. “I don’t
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