Lois Lerner claimed ignorance of tea party in secret deposition

Lois Lerner claimed to have little knowledge of the tea party movement and what it stood for, even as she oversaw the IRS’s intrusive scrutiny of tea party groups’ applications for nonprofit status, according to newly released transcripts of a long-secret deposition she gave.

In her 2017 testimony, given in a class action lawsuit brought by tea party groups whom the IRS admitted were wrongly treated, Ms. Lerner portrayed herself as a cog in the machine, trying to figure out how to process cases efficiently, rather than the anti-conservative crusader her private comments suggested.

She brushed aside her own email to colleagues about joining a pro-Obama group ahead of the 2012 election as “a joke,” and defended venomous remarks about the GOP, saying those were made in her personal capacity and didn’t infect her official work.

“Mistakes being made in cases do not translate into IRS is politically motivated,” she said
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