American space achievements: Lessons from the past year

[This article has been published in Restoring America to highlight the importance of continued U.S.-led exploration and innovation.]

History will likely record the past year as a turning point in space exploration. A few examples of recent achievements include:

SpaceX achieved 
31 launches in 2021
 and is on a record pace for 2022. The company launched and landed the same Falcon 9 booster twice in three weeks, 
setting a new turnaround record
. There are now 
2,193 Starlink satellites in orbit
. In April 2022, the first crew composed entirely of private citizens returned from the International Space Station after more than two weeks in orbit, marking another milestone for commercial spaceflight.
 just completed its 
eighth test flight
 using a novel alternative method for launching a spacecraft that uses kinetic energy with a centrifuge spinning the spacecraft at hypersonic speeds before releasing it. The
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