Turning Red’s Rosalie Chiang shares her favorite line that was cut from the Pixar movie

It’s hard to imagine Turning Red’s Meilin Lee without Rosalie Chiang’s voice-over. From the passionate “AWOOOGA” to the big, sniffly crying, Chiang imbues the plucky 13-year-old protagonist of Pixar’s latest animated movie with captivating zest and specific relatability. Her behind-the-scenes stories from the film have become popular on TikTok, where she shared the genesis of the “AWOOOGA” line. But Chiang was originally just hired to do the film’s scratch audio — the temporary audio track many animated movies use while they’re still in the early stages of production. Her performance won over director Domee Shi and the other filmmakers, however, and they asked her to be Mei’s official voice.

Chiang recently
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