Arizona parents sue school district over alleged ‘dossier’ targeting ‘wackos’

Three Arizona parents are suing their children’s district for allegedly compiling personal information in a “secret dossier” aimed at intimidating them.

The dossier was intended “to silence and punish dissenting voices and frighten away other potential speakers who might dare express an opposing point of view” and included information on at least 47 parents who spoke out against policies at school board meetings, according to the lawsuit, which seeks general, special, consequential, and punitive damages in amounts to be proven at trial.

“Defendants used both legal and illegal methods to accomplish their unconstitutional goal. They amassed reams of public and private information about the Plaintiffs, including information related to Plaintiffs’ jobs, businesses, finances, medical history, family history, housing situation, and children. They videotaped, photographed, and recorded the Plaintiffs and their children,” the complaint
, filed
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