Pac-Man has a new wife, thanks to Ms. Pac-Man drama

Quick, what’s Ms. Pac-Man look like? You definitely pictured the red bow, maybe also the go-go boots. Well, that version of Ms. Pac-Man, steadily disappearing thanks to a byzantine dispute involving Bandai Namco and AtGames, has been altered in a new release of Pac-Land launching today — and presumably in next month’s release of Pac-Man Museum Plus, a retro compilation which also houses Pac-Land.

Graphic artist Nicholas Caballero, of Paraguay, noted on Twitter Wednesday that the anthropomorphic Ms. Pac-Man appearing in 1984’s Pac-Land is instead what Bandai Namco calls Pac-Mom: She wears a pink hat, gloves, and heels instead of a red bow, orange gloves, and red boots. Baby Pac has been palette-swapped, for
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