Spanish studio makes a bullfighting game we’d be OK with playing

Bullet hell, meet bullfighting.

No one-liner better describes Bullfighter Neon, pitched to Kickstarter backers earlier this week by the Spanish indie studio Relevo. The 13-year-old company has specialized in homages to the sub-sub-genre of “futuristic sports” seen in 1990s titles like Windjammers or Cyberball, and their latest effort emerged, appropriately enough, from a bull session a few years ago.

“At the time we were dealing with other projects,” Jon Cortazar, Relevo’s executive director, told Polygon. “But when we decided to start a new project, aiming for crowdfunding, Bullfighter Neon instantly came to our minds. It’s the kind of crazy idea, with a pinch of controversy, that could help to champion a Kickstarter.”

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