US companies are colluding in China’s domestic oppression

The Chinese government is now engaged in two dangerous projects: the systematic repression of its people and the escalation of its strategic rivalry with the United States. Some of America’s largest companies have long been accused of complicity in both (whether looking the other way on ethnic cleansing or helping Beijing modernize its surveillance state and military) in exchange for access to China’s lucrative market. Inevitably, reaping profits from China has cost some moral and strategic compromises. But just how bad is it, really?

This debate has long been argued half in the dark. After all, Wall Street knows how much cash these firms make from their Chinese operations. But the public has never known exactly what those operations entailed. Until now.

Earlier this month, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation published “Corporate Complicity Scorecard,” a first-of-its-kind review of eight U.S. firms’ exposure to
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