Joe Biden hails European trip as a success

President Biden claimed success Tuesday as he left Glasgow, Scotland wrapping up a European trip that included meetings with the pope, summits with world leaders, and the United Nations climate conference.
“I think we got a lot done,” Mr. Biden said of global leaders’ efforts to combat climate change at the conference, known as COP26. “I can’t think of any two days where more has been accomplished dealing with climate than these two days.”
Speaking with reporters at the conclusion of COP26, Mr. Biden ticked off a list of what he viewed as his major accomplishments on the trip.  His list included rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and reaching an agreement to limit global temperature increases to 1.5 degrees celsius. The U.S. also joined other nations pledging to reduce methane emissions and to halt deforestation.
Mr. Biden said he told the world leaders that the U.S. will be their partner in
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