The Bulwark and The New Republic Accuse GOP of Putting Democracy in ‘Serious Danger,’ Yet Support Democratic Proposals That Would Do the Same

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images.

The Bulwark and The New Republic published a joint letter on Wednesday urging all Americans to defend their democracy against the Republican Party and its “Trumpist authoritarianism.” However, in that effort, the Democratic Party (and the Never Trump movement) are now simultaneously working to subvert American democracy.

The letter stated:

Unimpeded by [Donald] Trump’s defeat in 2020 and unfazed by the January 6 insurrection, Trump and his supporters actively work to exploit anxieties and prejudices, to promote reckless hostility to the truth and to Americans who disagree with them, and to discredit the very practice of free and fair elections in which winners and losers respect the peaceful transfer of power.

The letter, which was
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