‘He’s No Different At This Point Than Alex Jones’: Joy Reid Blasts Tucker Carlson for Pushing ‘Fascistic Propaganda’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid shredded Tucker Carlson and Fox News on Thursday night after Carlson previewed a ludicrous multipart series he filmed for FOX Nation.

On Wednesday, Carlson showed the trailer for “Patriot Purge,” which looks to be a deranged fever dream about the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Reid played part of the trailer for her audience.

“The domestic war on terror is here,” says a man’s voice. “It’s coming after half of the country.”

“The left is hunting the right,” claims another person. “Sticking them in Guantanamo Bay, for American citizens, leaving them there to rot.”

“False flags have happened in this country,” says another. “One of which may have been January 6th.”

“False flag?” responded Reid. “He honestly seems
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