Fox News’ Janice Dean Calls Out Colleague Lisa Boothe for Anti-Vax Commentary

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean came to the defense of colleague Neil Cavuto and called out network contributor Lisa Boothe on covid-19 vaccines.

Boothe recently boasted she is unvaccinated and intends to keep it that way. The next day Neil Cavuto — who got a breakthrough case of covid-19 — urged viewers to get vaccinated and said he would’ve been in worse shape if he didn’t get the shot.

Boothe reacted to Cavuto’s plea for more people to get vaccinated with a dismissive tweet about the vaccines.

“Glad to see Neil get better. He’s a good man, but there is a misplaced focus on the vaccine,” she tweeted. “He was treated with monoclonal antibodies, which reduce death & hospitalization
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