Someone at Fox News Need to Be Held Accountable for Tucker Carlson’s Dangerous ‘Patriot Purge’ Documentary

Tucker Carlson has a new series set to air on the streaming service Fox Nation titled Patriot Purge, the trailer for which he aired Wednesday night on Fox News.

The trailer for the show elicited exactly the outraged reaction that Carlson likely expected, and probably even wanted. Judged purely on the feverish trailer, Patriot Purge is set to be a deeply dangerous and irresponsible bit of programming. Its very existence raises troubling questions about the decision-making at Fox News Media.

To label the documentary-style series a fever pitch of deranged conspiracy theories would be an understatement. It casts conservative Americans as targets of the liberal elite, featuring harrowing imagery of Guantanamo detainees being waterboarded while a voice-over claims
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