Don Lemon Bluntly Asks Democratic Rep. ‘Are You Concerned That It Looks Like Your Party Is Blowing It?’

CNN’s Don Lemon asked Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D- NY) Wednesday night if Democrats are “blowing it.”

Bowman spoke with Lemon about Thursday’s House Democratic caucus meeting, which President Joe Biden is set to attend, after yet another policy he pushed for — paid family leave — is being dropped from the spending bill because of Joe Manchin.

“Are you concerned,” the CNN host asked, “that it looks like your party is blowing it and that Democrats can’t govern? And, you know, that has huge ramifications, it has a ripple effect. Look at what’s happening in Virginia and other places where elections are coming up.”

“If you guys can’t come to an agreement on this…”

“Governing is about negotiation, right? And negotiating,” Bowman
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