Cory Booker Awkwardly Forgets Ben Sasse’s Home State During Hearing: ‘Where Are You From, Sir?’

During a Senate hearing featuring testimony from Attorney General Merrick Garland that featured heaps of grandstanding from the usual Republican suspects, the most noteworthy moment may very well have been a brainfart by Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ).

In Wednesday’s hearing, Booker had just finished questioning Garland and paused, he said, “to be respectful of my colleague, my friend, the senator from the great state of Oklahoma.”

“Ouch,” replied Sen. Ben Sasse (R), who actually represents Nebraska.

“I’m sorry,” said Booker. “Forgive me. Omaha.”

“Omaha’s not a state, brother,” retorted Sasse.

“I’m sorry,” said Booker. “Where are you from, sir?”

“We used to be able to beat Stanford in football,” Sasse told Booker, who was a tight end for the university’s football team for
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