Ex-Fox News Host Eric Bolling Hits Network’s Vax Policy: Primetime Hosts ‘Say the Complete Opposite of What They Reported Just Hours Prior’

Newsmax host Eric Bolling went after his former employer on Monday, targeting Chris Wallace and the network’s vaccine requirements in particular.

Bolling left Fox News in 2017 after he was accused of sexual harassment, which reportedly included sending lewd photos to coworkers. He denied the allegations at the time.

Last Friday, Wallace said that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki “is one of the best press secretaries ever.” The Fox News anchor also praised his network’s White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, for his tough questions to Psaki.

Bolling called Wallace Fox News’ “leftist excuse for bipartisanship.” He said that “we now know for sure where his heart lies” before playing the audio of Wallace praising Psaki.

“The best?” Bolling reacted.
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