Fox News Host Wildly Rephrases What CDC Director Said: ‘Seems Pretty Strikingly Similar To a Really Tragic Chapter in Our Globe’s History’

Outnumbered cohost Emily Compagno slammed Centers for Disease Control head Rochelle Walensky for saying people need to undergo a “reeducation” in order to “get these people on board” with taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

The problem is, Walensky didn’t say those things in the clip Compagno herself actually aired and was purportedly quoting from.

Compagno kicked off the segment on Monday by noting the scores of city employees in New York protesting the city’s vaccine mandate for municipal workers. The employees and some of their supporters walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to bring attention to their self-inflicted plight. City workers have until Friday to adhere to the mandate, or they will be placed on unpaid leave.

“And now the CDC is
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