CNN’s Acosta, Stelter Slam Fox News Stars for Thinking They’re ‘In Some Kind Revolutionary War Against Vaccines,’ Praise Cavuto As ‘A Man On An Island’

CNN’s Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter dunked on their rival news network during a segment on CNN Newsroom Sunday, describing Fox News stars as “think[ing] they are in some kind of Revolutionary War against vaccines,” but praising Neil Cavuto as “a man on an island at Fox News” for his heartfelt message encouraging viewers to get vaccinated.

The discussion came in response to two separate Fox News clips featuring Cavuto and Lisa Boothe.

Cavuto, who had tested positive for Covid, appeared remotely on MediaBuzz and expressed gratitude that he had been vaccinated, especially since he had multiple sclerosis, which made him immunocompromised. Cavuto urged viewers to put politics aside and “please get vaccinated” and “think of what’s
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