Obama Slams N.J. Gov. Candidate For Not Knowing He Was At ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally: ‘This Isn’t a Neighborhood Barbecue’

Former President Barack Obama rebuked the Republican candidate for New Jersey governor on Saturday, over claims that he didn’t know he was at a “Stop the Steal” rally.

“When you’re standing in front of a sign that says Stop the Steal and there’s a guy in the crowd waving a Confederate flag, you know this isn’t a neighborhood barbecue,” he said in a speech.

Obama’s comments came while campaigning for former New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D), amid Murphy’s bid against Republican Jack Ciattarelli.

In his speech, Obama focused on Republican opposition to the Freedom to Vote Act and continued allegations of widespread voter fraud from GOP members.

“Just this past week Phil, every Democrat in the Senate supported a bill that would
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