GOP Governor Reacts To BANANAS Anti-Vax Claims by Fellow Republicans: ‘When Crazy Comes Knocking at the Door, You Gotta Slam It Shut’

Even though Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH) has said he won’t impose vaccine mandates in his state, he has nevertheless butted heads with members of his own party over vaccine. Last week he slammed the Republican legislature for rejecting $27 million in federal funds to increase vaccinations in the state.

Sununu appeared with Erin Burnett on Thursday night, and the CNN host played clips of Republican New Hampshire state representatives making bizarre claims about the vaccine.

“Here’s what some of them have said about the vaccine,” she said.

“I see studies of blood clots in other countries,” said one lawmaker. “I see deaths in other countries. I will not play Russian roulette with my health.”

Another stated, “They want everybody to have
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