‘A Bully and Basically a Lowlife’: Trump Absolutely UNLEASHES on Meghan McCain, Smears John in Utterly Bonkers Statement

Once again, proving that the idea of being “too petty” is foreign to him, former President Donald Trump lashed out at Meghan McCain in a statement released Friday afternoon. And to be honest, “lashing out” is too generous a term.

Meghan McCain has just released a new audiobook called Bad Republican, in which she settles some scores from her time co-hosting The View and bravely reveals her struggles with post-partum depression. She has participated in several interviews —with Sean Hannity and Andy Cohen, among others— as a means to promote her book. 

Apparently unhappy that McCain is getting attention, Trump felt obligated to add his two cents in what many reasonable people will see as a full-on BONKERS statement. “Isn’t it
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