Trump Official Peter Navarro Attacks Stephanie Grisham for ‘Betrayal’: She ‘Openly Hoped’ for Trump’s Defeat

Trump White House official Peter Navarro attacked Stephanie Grisham for her tell-all in a video promoting his own tell-all.

Grisham resigned the night of January 6, and during her recent book tour the former White House Communications Director expressed some regrets about how she enabled Trump.

She’s even said she would cooperate with the January 6 committee if they reach out.

Navarro, meanwhile, is still firmly on the Trump Train. He was one of the most vocal White House officials propping up the big lie before and after January 6.

Navarro’s Wednesday video started out with the message “Bad Personel is Bad Politics.” (The word personnel was misspelled in the graphic.)

In Trump Time book due
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