Bitcoin Hits a New High — Rising 110% 4 Months After Jim Cramer Sold the Bottom

Bitcoin on Wednesday breached its previous all-time high price of $64,000 — just four months after CNBC host Jim Cramer boasted that he “sold almost all” of his holdings in deference to China’s crackdown.

The price surged past its April high of nearly $65,000, falling just shy of $67,000 in the early hours of the day before slightly receding to $66,000 as of Wednesday evening. With about 18.85 million units in circulation, the currency’s market capitalization constituted a new record of about $1.2 trillion, allowing it, by some counts, to briefly surpass the Swiss Franc as the world’s 13th largest currency.

Proponents noted with glee that the record came after many critics advised consumers to
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