‘That Shouldn’t Define Colin Powell’: Chris Wallace Says Infamous WMD Speech Was ‘Blot’ on a ‘Timeless Figure’s’ Career

Reacting to the death on Monday of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Fox News host Chris Wallace said that Powell’s speech making the case in 2003 before the U.N. Security Council that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction “shouldn’t define” the former decorated general’s legacy.

Powell, who was fully vaccinated, died of complications from Covid-19, announced his family on Monday. Powell was 84 years old and was battling both Parkinson’s and multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that attacks white blood cells.

Calling into America’s Newsroom, Wallace said he “had a gasp” upon learning of Powell’s death.

Wallace recalled memories of Powell, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the first Black person in that position
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