Native American Group Demands Fox News Hosts Be Fired for Tying Indigenous Peoples to ‘Racist’ Tropes of Violence, Alcoholism

A non-profit advocacy group for Native Americans is calling for Fox News to fire network hosts Jesse Watters and Rachel Campos-Duffy for their “racist” comments about indigenous people.

The outrage stems from a recent segment of Fox News Primetime in which Watters and Campos-Duffy complained about Kamala Harris saying America should acknowledge the devastating impact Christopher Columbus and other European colonizers had on Native American nations. Watters hyperbolically summed up the vice-president’s comments as her essentially saying “America is a horrible place,” and Campos-Duffy proclaimed Columbus “the first victim of cancel culture.”

The segment went on with Campos-Duffy saying Native Americans are not being held to “the same standard” as Columbus, saying “We know that they were just as
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