Harvard Prof Says GOP Won’t Stand Up to Trump: ‘These Guys Are Going To Be OK With A Violent Seizure Of Power’

Harvard professor Steven Levistky told SiriusXM host and Salon interviewer Dean Obeidallah that Republicans would “rather end democracy” than stand up to former President Donald Trump.— and foretold dire consequences.

On Friday, the host talked with the professor and co-author of the book “How Democracies Die” for the Salon Talks interview series, and asked about the GOP’s shifting reaction to the January 6 Capitol insurrection. Prof. Levitsky offered a frightening assessment:

Dean: After Jan. 6, I was as surprised as you. I actually thought the GOP was going to jettison Donald Trump and go, “He’s gone. He lied for two months. He clearly incited this attack. It might be a criminal violation, it
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