Dave Rubin Says Trump Shouldn’t Run in 2024: ‘Think About Putting Your Ego in Check for the First Time in Your Life’

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Dave Rubin has repeatedly mocked “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and said a few months ago Donald Trump stood guard against “barbarians… at the gate,” but he said Thursday he doesn’t think the former president should run in 2024.

Megyn Kelly spoke with Rubin and brought up new polling that Trump still leads among Republicans for who should be the 2024 candidate. Ron DeSantis is at 12 percent, and Mike Pence is at 13 percent, while Trump is at a whopping 47 percent. (Pence and DeSantis lead among Republicans who don’t want Trump to run.)

“It’s still Trump’s party,” Kelly said.

Rubin wasn’t surprised by the poll, because Trump is “fighting the machine” and “can still bring out the rallies.”

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