CNN’s Victor Blackwell, DNC Chairman Lock Horns Over Lack of Progress: Is ‘1 Out of 6’ The Record You Want to Run On?

CNN’s Victor Blackwell had a contentious interview with Democratic National Committee chairman Jaime Harrison about whether it was a good idea for Democrats to keep campaigning on the platform of opposing former President Donald Trump.

Harrison spoke to Blackwell on Thursday to talk about the DNC’s level of confidence in Virginia and other states where they’ve been spending money to boost Democratic candidates. Harrison lauded Terry McAuliffe over his political record, but he also blasted McAuliffe’s Republican gubernatorial rival Glenn Youngkin, calling him “dangerous” and a “Trump acolyte.”

Blackwell acknowledged that Youngkin is facing a dilemma since he has flirted with Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 Election while also trying to appeal to moderates. The CNN
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