Reince Priebus Claims Democrats ‘Think Cows Are the Enemy of the American People’

Former Trump chief-of-staff Reince Priebus joined Sean Hannity Tuesday night to deliver a harangue about cows, Saul Alinsky, and what Democrats have in store for the country.

The Fox News host rattled off a potpourri of grievances with the Biden administration regarding Covid, China, inflation, and energy.

Priebus responded by suggesting the Democrats were attempting to sabotage the country, allegedly in accordance with the vision of long-dead leftist radical Alinsky.

“Democrats want to create a socialist and welfare state,” said Priebus. “Biden and the Democrats actually probably don’t think that they’re making mistakes is much as we think. On the border, they want the United States to be the home of any person that wants to come here. On gas prices,
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