Joe Rogan Praises Tucker Carlson: He Doesn’t ‘Mock’ or ‘Disparage’ Liberal Guests on His Show

Joe Rogan praised Tucker Carlson on his show this week, singling out his ability to invite left wing guests on his show without mocking or disparaging them. The comment might sound strange to viewers of the Fox News host: Carlson gained infamy for his brutal mockery and disparagement of liberal guests.

Rogan made the comment during a conversation with Alex Berenson — whose claims about Covid-19 led The Atlantic to dub him “The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man” — on Tuesday’s edition of The Joe Rogan Experience. At one point, Berenson compared Rogan’s interview style to Carlson.

“We’ll also talk to anybody,” Rogan replied. “Tucker has a lot of left wing people on and he doesn’t disparage them or criticize them or mock them.”
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