‘Have You Been Vaccinated Yet?’ Terry McAuliffe Ridicules Mask-Less Activist Outside Offices

Terry McAuliffe on Monday yelled and ridiculed a mask-less activist outdoors who asked the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee about his stance that parents should not dictate to schools what their kids should be taught.

A video of the encounter was posted to Twitter on Tuesday by Virginia Rising Action, which is a conservative group that seeks to hold the Left accountable.

WATCH: Terry McAuliffe loses his temper on a Virginia Rising tracker saying “you’re dangerous here” after getting asked about his stance on parents being involved in their child’s education.https://t.co/Tzj2XDbiS4 pic.twitter.com/Hm674TGAkT

— Virginia Rising Action (@VARisingAction) October 13, 2021

“Who do you think should be in control of education if not Virginia parents?” the activist McAuliffe as
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