Dan Abrams Ridicules Media Lovefest With Jeff Bezos Despite Shocking Washington Post Exposé on Blue Origins

Dan Abrams hammered the media for what he sees as incessantly positive coverage of Jeff Bezos, particularly as they ignore the negative news surrounding the Amazon executive chairman.

The Mediaite founder and host of NewsNation’s Dan Abrams Live used his latest “Mediaite Moments” segment to hone in on the Washington Post’s exposé on the toxic workplace culture at Bezos’s aerospace company, Blue Origin. Abrams began by complimenting the Post for running the story “even when the subject is the owner of your paper, i.e., your boss.”

“But, if you’re watching cable news today, you might not even know that the Washington Post story broke,” Abrams said. “We looked, and it seems there were zero mentions of the Washington Post
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