Bill Burr Lashes Out MLB Players for Home Run Celebrations: ‘I Really Hate Self-Congratulatory F*cking Bullsh*t’

Celebrating after the impressive athletic feat of hitting a home run in a Major League Baseball Playoff Game? Not OK, according to comedian Bill Burr. Firing a 100mph fastball at a player with intent? That’s OK.

“The home run celebrations that these kids do nowadays, I swear to god is the reason why you cannot take fighting out of hockey,” Burr ranted on his Monday Morning podcast. “Look what happened to baseball now that a pitcher can’t throw at a hitter.”

“He’s thumping his f*cking chest, he’s pointing up to his dead uncle in heaven and he hasn’t even gotten to first base yet,” Burr said, referring to players on the Tampa Bay Rays. “That guy would never do that
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